Life Hacks With Miss Havisham

(Crafts and Makeup Tips for Ladies With Time on their Hands)

Performed by: Jen Jurek

Book and Lyrics by John Vessels; Music and Composition by Jay Schwandt;

Musical Direction by Chris Piro; Co-Directed by Brian Soliwoda

Havisham on fire.jpg

It all started when…

Tim Rosser, the great composer said, you need something you can do that’s specifically for your….er…talents. Something strange, like a musical Comedy about someone like…Miss Havisham or something. And Thus an idea was born. Tried as I might to write the dang thing, I couldn’t get past her talking on the phone the whole time, about 1 year later finally I realized. I’m not getting there. Enter, John Vessels, a wonderful writer, wisdom seeker, performer and vocal coach. I could not be more delighted that he would be willing to pick up my floppy little notion and take it on himself. With Jay Schwandt at the composer helm, a script and spirit was born. It is funny, it is clever, it is modern, it is tragic. And in no way should it be, and yet, it is.

Be one of the first to witness the world primer of “Life Hacks With Miss Havisham” at the United Solo Theater Festival, 2019 on Theater Row in New York City. October 1, 2019 9pm. Call for Tickets at 212-239-6200 or go to

The Theater is located at 410 42nd Street. Book your tickets asap! It is a small theater and I’d love to see you there.