"Are you Jen Jurek?....You left your credit card in the machine here." (actual quote)


Jen Jurek is the founder of Hallet's Cove Theater ® based out of Astoria Queens.  Jen is also the founder of Astoria Women's Improv. But that is not all, this lady has ALSO directed a healthy handful of musicals, including but not limited to, a most recent darling- "Partners".  Written and performed by Tom Fruegh, this full disclosure musical, which takes you in and out of grief, had it's world premier in Sept 2017 at the NY United Solo Theater Festival.  "42nd Street" and "Joseph" both with the Rodeph Sholom Theater Company were wonderful full throttle productions with some beautiful talent and goodness.  But what would a director be without her own stylized shows regarding the mind of medical professionals; Enter, Dr. Brayne From: Youtube's "A Pretty Little Minute" and "This is Stupid". Let the gritty British (like) accent wash over you like a nice migrane that simply won't go away. And last (but only in certain areas of the TriState experience) Jen explored what it is to REALLY be a "bro", a bro that is into ghosts, a bro...in search of his "bros".  The character of Nate,  from original musical, "Ghost Bros" by Ashley Rebecca King littered with dialogue by Jen Jurek (founder of HCT among other things) was imagined as a necessity because, "You can't really understand yourself until you've lowered your voice and pretended to be a dude.....with a ghost thing".  Don't forget the time Jen dressed up and acted like The Fertility Goddess at Chashama Art in Times Square NY as well as a three eyed interactive soothsayer at the Dusklit Interactive Arts Festival in Sugar Loaf, New York. Yeah...I mean...don't forget that. 

But I digress, after graduating from Ball State University in 1999 with a degree in Musical theater, she came to the Big Apple, enter temp jobs, auditions and finally BOOKED IT. With the role of Frenchy in Troika's national tour of "Grease!" Jen began her performance career. Ask anyone from BSU, we all saw the stars aligning didn't we? But like all national tours, people on them can either go one way or another. I think you all know what happened to Jurek.  Upon returning Jen shared the stage with legends such as John Bucchino and Mr. Maltby and Shire, sung duets with Kristy Kates, John Vessels (Look up Lillian Baxter on Youtube) among many others. After some years performing to houses large and small across the United States at Wisconsin's, The Fireside; Ohio's, The Human Race Theater and La Comedia, to Wyoming’s; Jackson Hole Playhouse to name a few, life happened and here we are.

 After about 20 years of playing in the musical sandboxes of of the world, Jen picked up the theory that the art of creating is not just the right of the highly educated or the craziest, the most connected or the fastest runners. No Nellie. The art of creating something beautiful, weird, goofy, cat related, ugly or just plain large is EVERYONE'S RIGHT and since life is not a rehearsal, let's do this thing. Because here we are. So enter, you…and Jen canNOT wait to meet you.